1997 World Series Game 3: Florida 14 – Cleveland 11 (W: Cook, L: Plunk)

Down 7-3, the Marlins come from behind to beat the Indians 14-11. Gary Sheffield drove in 5 runs with a home run, double, single, and walk. Daulton had a home run and scored 3 runs on 2 hits and 2 walks. Pitching 4-2/3 innings, Al Leiter never seemed to maintain any consistency, allowing 7 runs (4 earned) as the Indians grabbed a 7-3. The Indians scored on 3 Marlins’ errors (including a crucial mistake by Bonilla), Leiter walks, and a Thome home run. But a very impotant 2-run home run by Eisenriech, a Renteria single, and a Sheffield double tied the game. With the game tied in the bottom of the 7th, Sheffield made a crucial catch hitting the outfield wall off Thome’s bat allowing. In the ninth inning the Marlins scored 7 runs to take the lead. Robb Nen struggled, allowing 4 runs, but closed the Indians in the bottom of the ninth.

Here is what happened in the top of the ninth (game tied 7-7): Bonilla walked, Daulton singled, but Bonilla’s aggressive running brought him to third and sent the ball off Grissom’s hand into the dugout. Bonilla scored. Floyd walked. Daulton scored on a failed pick-off move by Cleveland’s Plunk. Charles Johnson the singled. Counsell reached on an error by Tony Fernandez scoring Floyd. Renteria walked. Sheffield singled to right with the bases loaded driving in Johnson and Counsell. After a wild pitch advanced the runners, Bonilla singled to right, scoring Renteria and Sheffield. When it was over, the Marlins had a 14-7 lead.

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