Rule V Draft: Gill Joins, Ludwick Departs

The Marlins acquired short stop Benji Gil from the Chicago White Sox in the Rule V Draft. Gil, 26, once a starter for the Texas Rangers, played last year in AAA Birmingham. In the same draft, Eric Ludwick, who started last season in the Marlins’ rotation, was taken by the Detroit Tigers and then traded to the Toronto Blue Jays. Ludwick was the third player taken in the Rule V Draft. He must remain on Toronto’s 40-Man Roster or he will be offered back to the Marlins for $25,000. The first pick belonged to the Marlins, who acquired left handed pitcher Alberto Blanco from the Houston Astros and then traded him for cash to the Detroit Tigers. The Marlins also lost minor leaguers Tim McClaskey (RHP), Portland, Scott Dewitt (LHP), Portland, and Ismael Reynoso (SS).

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