Marlins Finish 64-98

Marlins finish the 1999 season with a 64-98 record (compared to 54-108 last season). They went 35-45 at Pro Player Stadium and 29-53 on the road. They faired well against left handers with a respectable 17-19 while going 48-79 against left handers. The Marlins struggled against the NL East and Central, going 17-34 and 17-31 respectively. They matched well against the NL West going 19-26. The fish are also still the best team in interleague history going 11-7 this season. Fridays were the best days for the team not only in attendance, but also in record 15-11. July was the only winning month at 14-13, the first such month since the 1997 team.

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