Marlins Open Second Half With A Win Over the Yankees

Mike Lowell and Derrek Lee each hit 3-run home runs as the Marlins opened the second half of the season with an 11-9 victory at over the New York Yankees. Despite the $85 million difference in payrolls, the Fish have more wins than the defending world champions. The Marlins also moved within 3 games of the New York Mets, who currently occupy the NL’s wild card spot. Marlins pitching struggled, including starter Brad Penny, who allowed three runs in five innings. The Marlins loaded the bases several times, yet the Yankees struggled to capitalize on those opportunities. The Marlins lead from the begining, thanks to six Marlins having two hits. One of them, Preston Wilson, also scored three runs and stole two bases. Antonio Alfonseca, who was not named to the All-Star Game, pitched 1-1/3 innings to earn his league-leading 29th save.

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