The Essence of the 2007 Marlins

The somewhat irreverent baseball blog Bugs & Cranks slapped its keyboard on the Marlins today for their latest and season-long performance. They take shots at Fredi and the team for inconsistent play and sometimes illogical actions. For example, Josh Willingham‘s game winning hit in the 10th inning was a no brainer — yes, on paper you bunt in that situation — but Josh was 4-4 in the game and is the team’s best run producer. Willingham’s post game comments suggested that he assumed Fredi would call a bunt but since he didn’t get a sign he went ahead and swung at the pitch.

Regardless, the article does have a few “high points” including this money quote:

The game that Gonzalez is seemingly surprised to have won displayed the essence of the 2007 Marlins: talented, but bumbling; competitive, yet indifferent; heroic while squandering.

That could summarize our season so far. It’s no coincidence that you could also say that about Miguel Cabrera.

Link:  Bugs & Cranks: Andy Warhol: “The Florida Marlins Are Weird”

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  1. The Marlins have been befuddling this season. Just when you think they’ve got it figured out, they slip again. The good news, as it were, is that they aren’t regularly beaten, but rather they give away games through errors and weird decisions. Hopefully they’ll manage to get something going in the next few games and then get a running start after the break. They need to get past that .500 hurdle…

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