The somewhat irreverent baseball blog Bugs & Cranks slapped its keyboard on the Marlins today for their latest and season-long performance. They take shots at Fredi and the team for inconsistent play and sometimes illogical actions. For example, Josh Willingham‘s game winning hit in the 10th inning was a no brainer — yes, on paper you bunt in that situation — but Josh was 4-4 in the game and is the team’s best run producer. Willingham’s post game comments suggested that he assumed Fredi would call a bunt but since he didn’t get a sign he went ahead and swung at the pitch.

Regardless, the article does have a few “high points” including this money quote:

The game that Gonzalez is seemingly surprised to have won displayed the essence of the 2007 Marlins: talented, but bumbling; competitive, yet indifferent; heroic while squandering.

That could summarize our season so far. It’s no coincidence that you could also say that about Miguel Cabrera.

Link:  Bugs & Cranks: Andy Warhol: “The Florida Marlins Are Weird”