MLB Throws a Ballpark Tantrum

Scale Model of Proposed Florida Marlins Ballpark next to the Orange BowlAt least the Florida Marlins are getting some attention at this year’s All-Star festivities.

The Palm Beach Post is reporting that the MLB brass is disappointed at the Marlins ballpark situation:

“The commissioner is very upset,” MLB President Bob DuPay said before the All-Star Game. “We really thought we were going to get something done this year and we spent a lot of time down there and we had a lot of reason to think we were gong to get something done.”

Sounds like MLB thought everything was going well but for some reason seemed surprised when the Florida Legislature didn’t act for the millionth time. Also, as we mentioned yesterday, the Orange Bowl and University of Miami situation has been a huge distraction and has knocked everything off course.

“We had a great downtown site and all of a sudden the news developed that the Orange Bowl might be vacated and the commissioners got very concerned about a vacant Orange Bowl and a white elephant, so people turned their attention back to the Orange Bowl site,” DuPay said.

The good news is that both MLB and the Marlins are bullish on the South Florida market and probably realize that there is nowhere else for the team to go. The bad news is that for some reason UM is seen as a higher priority than the Marlins.

Oh, and one more thing. We now know that MLB’s disappointment and anger is worth less than $60 million since they could easily help finance that number and resolve this alleged economic obstacle.

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