Posted on July 20th, 2007

A recent Sports Illustrated survey of 464 Major League Baseball players named Florida Marlins owner Jeffrey Loria as the second worst owner in baseball after Royal’s owner David Glass and along side the owners of the Devil Rays and Orioles. I suspect this has more to do with reputation than anything else. (more…)

10 years ago
  • ReklawLah

  • I disagree. Loria turned a profit of over $45 million dollars last year… more than 50% higher than that of any other team in MLB. He was able to do this because he doesn’t spend any money on putting a quality team on the field. Yes, he sometimes will splurge on a superstar-type player… but that’s not how to build a real team fans can get behind. You need depth in the rotation and bull-pen, and Loria is too cheap and short-sighted to make these necessary additions.

  • 10 years ago