The Never Ending Injury

Just when we thought Josh Johnson was on his way back, he experiences another setback (how many setbacks is that?)

Johnson threw three good innings for Jupiter last night but woke up this morning with arm stiffness. As a result, the team is sending him to visit baseball’s favorite chop-shop — Dr. James Andrews. Since we’re in late July, ligament replacement surgery will knock him out until the 2009 season.

I think we all hoped the young Marlins rotation will turn out like the young guys in the early 2000s who ended up winning the 2003 World Series. Now they’re looking more and more like that young Cubs rotation with Wood and Prior.

Lets recap:

  • Dontrelle Willis – Can’t find the strike zone
  • Scott Olsen – Jail bait
  • Josh Johnson – See y’all in 2009
  • Anibal Sanchez – What me injured? Yes
  • Ricky Nolasco – Last seen on the back of a milk carton
  • Sergio Mitre – One out of six ain’t bad

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