Olsen Provides Some Interesting Insight

locker roomWhile we’re at it, the Palm Beach Post also provides us with a couple of interesting gems courtesy of Scott Olsen:

Commenting about the Joe Girardi / Jeffery Loria fued:

“We haven’t had to deal with that this year, which is a plus,”

I don’t seem to remember players really commenting about that before. Clearly it was a huge clubhouse issue. It’s amazing to believe that so many rookies did so well with something like that hanging over their heads.


“He was more genuinely concerned about my health and my well-being than I thought he would be,” Olsen said. “That was a big relief … Some coaches would probably ream you out for that. He knows that I know I messed up.

“I get suspended, arrested, and he sat me down and said, ‘This is how it is, this is what you need, this is what we need.’ Everything is straightforward with him.”

Interesting to hear Scott Olsen talk openly about his screw-ups. My reading is that Fredi‘s reaction is helping Scott recognize, accept, and hopefully address his problems.

Photo by Flickr user flattop341

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