Best Young Shortstop? Hanley a No-Brainer

Yes, we all know that Jose Reyes and Jimmy Rollins are great players but when you look at the total package (and the stats) Fish fans know that Hanley Ramirez is the best of the bunch.

Now Sports Illustrated agrees with us.

This season, Hanley is batting a league-leading .343 with 21 HR and 61 RBI. He is also second in the league with 93 runs scores and third in stolen bases (37). Heck, he is eighth in the league in slugging. His only weakness is his defense where he’s committed 17 errors.

Update: From ESPN’s Jason Stark:

One of the sharpest scouting minds we know was talking the other day about Marlins shortstop Hanley Ramirez — and uttered a sentence we can’t get out of our heads:

“Other than Alex Rodriguez,” he said, “Hanley Ramirez may be the best all-around player in the game.”

Yes, sir. He really said that. About Hanley Ramirez.

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