UM Leaving Orange Bowl

The Orange BowlToday may turn out to be on of the most important days in Florida Marlins history.

Following their president’s recommendation, the University of Miami Board of Trustees is expected to approve moving the football team out of the Orange Bowl and into Dolphin Stadium. This should hopefully set off a series of events culminating with the Florida Marlins announcing a new ballpark.

UM’s decision takes a $205 million package offered by the County off the table. Without that money, the stadium will be torn down. The County can now focus on saving its baseball team and overcoming two big issues: where to build the stadium and how to close a funding gap.

There are ways to close this funding gap either through MLB, the Marlins, or even some of that money the County is no longer sending to UM. As for the site, it appears that several County leaders insist on using the Orange Bowl site, despite the Marlins’ and MLB’s push for a more logical downtown location. The question is how long the Marlins will hold onto that position since a ballpark in the Orange Bowl is better than no ballpark.

Update: It’s official

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  1. May the Marlins rot in hell. UM sacrificed home field advantage for a few $$$ and to please wine & cheese and corporate folks. DS will never give the Canes a homefield advantage. In any event, if fans didn’t want to trek to Little Havana six times a year for football, why would any more than the paltry few thousand that currently go to DS show up? The OB is being torn down for nothing…everyone will regret it. But go ahead and cheer fishboy.

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