Trade, Wave, Release, Sign: BK Kim is Back

He’s back.

Yes, the Marlins just signed Byung-Hyun Kim a mere three weeks after letting him go on waivers.

Following a decent run with the Marlins (5-3, 4.16 ERA), they let BK go to Arizona who claimed him off waivers. Then, pitching for the Diamondbacks, he had a horrendous start against the Marlins, after which Arizona released him. Now the Marlins, desperate for anyone who can throw a strike every other pitch, will pitch him out of the bullpen.

This little trick pulled by the Marlins (unintentionally, of course) means they get to pay Kim about $65,000 for the rest of the season. Since the Diamondbacks claimed him of waivers and then released him, they owe him about $735,000 for a total of 2-2/3 inning pitched.

Update: Ross Wolf is going to compete in the playoffs for the Isotopes.

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