Dr. James Andrews To Join Marlins Pitching Rotation

Just when you thought the Marlins helped finance a new yacht for Dr. James Andrews, he now can buy a private jet.

Henry Owens visited the famed surgeon yesterday and today will undergo season-ending shoulder surgery to repair a torn rotator cuff. Even better, no one will know the extent of the damage (and therefore the extent of the recovery) until after the surgery.

Owens has been on the DL since early June, so why did it take so long for this surgery to occur?

After reviewing the films from Owens’ initial MRI in late June, Andrews didn’t think surgery would be necessary. Not until he compared those results with Wednesday’s test did Dr. Andrews identify a pronounced tear.

I’m no expert but I’m guessing Dr. Andrews had fallen behind on some credit card bills so he went back to the Marlins ATM for more cash (just kidding – Dr. Andrews is the best in the biz… please don’t sue me).

Update: He can’t throw for 6 months.

Photo by Flickr user totalAldo

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