Marlins Insist that Kranitz Will Stay

This is not my life’s mission or anything like that, but I do believe the Marlins would benefit from replacing their pitching coach.

I’m not going to go into the details as I did that a few weeks ago, but our pitching situation has been a disaster this year and even healthy experienced pitchers like Dontrelle Willis and Scott Olsen are having terrible seasons possibly due Rick Kranitz having changed their delivery.

Apparently I’m not alone because the Sun-Sentinel looked into Kranitz’s future and determined that:

If the Marlins plan to shake up manager Fredi Gonzalez’s coaching staff, it doesn’t appear pitching coach Rick Kranitz will be one of the casualties.

The newspaper’s source in the front office said:

“I think he will be fine,” the source said. “How can a guy go from major league coach of the year to a bad coach? Injuries have killed his staff.”

Actually, it’s really simple. He had raw young talent last year and he helped mold them. This year, he’s tinkering with them, and the changes are bad. Also, one could argue that he should have tried to shut down some of these guys earlier in the season. Communications problems with a pitcher (in Anibal Sanchez’s case) and a manager (in Josh Johnson’s case) caused two incredible young talents to lose an entire year due to surgery.

One final point. The Sun-Sentinel points out that Kranitz is loved by his pitchers:

Both privately and publicly, several Marlins pitchers supported Kranitz and said he should not be held accountable for the staff’s shortcomings.

“I love him,” said starter Scott Olsen, who this season hasn’t had the smoothest of relationships with on- and off-field superiors and teammates. “He’s awesome. He works his ass off trying to get everybody right.”

That’s really nice, but this is baseball and our pitchers don’t need a friend, they need a coach who will do the right things. I We’ve previously had a pitching coach who was loved by his pitchers yet firing them was the best outcome (remember Brad Arnsberg?). Discipline is something the team lacks and maybe having having a friendly pitching coach is not the answer.

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