Momentum for Ballpark Project as Developers Look to Cash In

One of the side-effects of a potential Marlins ballpark at the Orange Bowl site is the rush of investment to redevelop the surrounding neighborhood. This has long been an argument for public financing of stadiums and has mixed and controversial results at best. For example, in Baltimore, many attribute the redevelopment of the Inner Harbor area to Camden Yards while in neighboring Washington, the redevelopment of the South Capitol area began long before and the new ballpark will merely be the crown jewel of the project.

Therefore, it comes as no surprise that developers are now jumping on the Marlins bandwagon with hopes of joining that project. Developers Diversified Realty, which developed Wynwood’s “Midtown Miami”, are looking for a public-private partnership (read: city gives land for free and developer will do the rest) to revive the neighborhood.

Now, I wouldn’t read too much into this as far as this specific company. The amount of eminent domain will likely draw ire of the community and possible state officials in Tallahassee. Additionally, I suspect that the Marlins will want a share of the development rights. Regardless, this helps push the ballpark project forward as now people are thinking about infrastructure and commercial investments beyond the footprint of the ballpark.

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