If and When: Marlins Ballpark will be at the Orange Bowl Site and will Open in 2011

Wincraft Florida Marlins Round ClockThe clock is now ticking as it looks like the Marlins have pretty much finalized the location and opening date for the new ballpark.

MLB President Bob DuPuy has confirmed that the new ballpark will be at the Orange Bowl site and will open by 2011… if all the deals get done. Considering the momentum and the expiring stadium lease, it is likely that this is the last and only path for the Marlins.

On the timing:

The clock is ticking, DuPuy said, on the team’s chances of moving into a new stadium by 2011.

“That’s one of the reasons for the urgency,” he said. “We’re very tight. But our goal is to still open in 2011 or things get more expensive and the losses continue to pile up [for Marlins ownership]. The architects and the club have been looking at what can be done to expedite construction so we can still get open in 2011.”

On location:

DuPuy said a previously discussed site in downtown Miami is “off the table,” adding the Orange Bowl site is the only one being considered at this time.

So there you go. MLB is negotiating this deal for us and we know where it has to end.

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