The Marlins are Everywhere

The baseball season just ended and already the Marlins are making news across the league:

  • Congratulations to Mike Lowell, Josh Beckett, Julian Tavarez, Dave Magadan, and Gary Tuck for winning the World Series with the Boston Red Sox. Extra credit to Mike for being named the World Series MVP (although we all know that had Boston lost that game, Josh would have won the next one and ended up with another MVP). Asked about his two rings, Mike said:

    “I think with the Marlins no one expected us to do this and I think with the Red Sox people expect you to win and I think both are very satisfying.”

  • Welcome back Joe Girardi. You have just been named the manager of the New York Yankees. Lets hope you know how to behave with your new owner because the younger Steinbrenners seem as feisty as their father.
  • Speaking of the Yankees, greetings to A-Rod, who is now a free agent and some are reporting that the Marlins may make a run at him (unlikely since he’ll get a long-term deal somewhere else) and that the Yankees may try to replace him with Miguel Cabrera (maybe, but hopefully no).
  • See you later to Armando Benitez who filed for free agency and will now have to beg someone else to pitch for them.
  • Hello to Yorvit Torrealba who joins the growing list of catchers who are rumored to be talking to the Marlins He handled the Rockies pitching staff very well.
  • Farewell to Edgar Renteria who heads over to the the American League, joining Dave Dombrowski‘s project to rebuild the 1997 Florida Marlins (plus Pudge). No word on yet on whether they can convince Ed Vosberg to come out of retirement.

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