Post Trade Hangover

Now that we’ve all had a day to digest the big trade, here are some of our thoughts:

Most Marlins fans are angry. We traded away the best hitter and the best pitcher in franchise history. Both likable, both marketable, both young. Most people haven’t heard of any of the guys we got in return.

The more we read, the more it sounds like Andrew Miller is the real deal. Tall and powerful with a slider and a cutter.

He’s only 20 years old, but you have to wonder whether Cameron Maybin is nothing more than another Preston Wilson or even worse Reggie Abercrombie

Dallas Trahern may end up being a diamond in the rough.

What did we get for Dontrelle? We should have received Miller, Maybin, Rabelo and probably one of the other pitching prospects for Cabrera alone.

It’s Hanley’s team now.

Who’s on third? I say Uggla and lets find a good defensive second basemen. Pitching and defense wins games.

We all know the payroll is very low so would the team consider a one-year “special” deal for Andruw Jones?

And about that payroll issue: The Marlins are profitable with this kind of payroll. It may not be as high as Forbes estimated, but it should be quite a bit. The Marlins can do themselves a great benefit if they come out and tell us that they are setting aside all this money to help build a ballpark. Miggie and Dontrelle for a new ballpark? I’d accept that deal.

Finally, whatever happened to Dave Dombrowksi? He used to be a genius at acquiring great young talent. Now he’s collecting former Marlins and trading away his entire farm.

Optimism from DeadSpin: “it wouldn’t surprise us in the least to see that collection of Florida cheap youngsters do one of their patented annoying wild-card runs to the World Series in a couple of years”

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  1. It was reported that the Tigers turned down a proposal that included both Maybin and Miller for Cabrera alone. Willis was required to get both in the deal.

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