Looks Like the Marlins Have a Ballpark!

“We have a funding plan in place we think works — finally…” – George Burgess

What started off as a get together grew into a bigger meeting resulting in the unveiling of the plan for a new Marlins ballpark at the Orange Bowl site.

Miami-Dade County Manager George Burgess offered the Florida Marlins a revised plan for the Orange Bowl site Tuesday that shifts a large out-of-pocket cash burden to the ball club, yet costs the county more long term.

Burgess’s plan, detailed in a cramped third floor County Hall conference room with Major League Baseball in attendance, prompted team officials to break a year-long silence on publicly discussing stadium issues.

While the Marlins’ overall investment was reduced from the previously reported $207 million to $155 million, the Marlins will now have to come up with all that money up front.

As for the county:

the county will put up $199 million in mostly tourist tax dollars and chip in $50 million from a General Obligation Bond. While that $249 million total is less than the $307 million previously discussed, the county would not be getting additional payments back from the team.


The Marlins would be responsible for cost overruns, and the city of Miami would be on the hook for building a 6,000-car garage. The county would own the stadium.

As for next steps, the County Commission will meet next Tuesday to discuss the plan. The City of Miami, which is investing $121 million tourist tax dollars, also needs to sign off on the deal. Additionally, the team must sign a non-relocation agreement.

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