The Official Florida Marlins Ballpark Project Report

Here is the link to the official memo regarding the new Miami Marlins ballpark. Yes, we’ll need to get use to that name by 2011.

Update: Reading through the memo, it hurts to read that the site in downtown was actually cheaper and better than the Orange Bowl site. Alas, we’ll take whatever we can get. Also, construction begins November 2008 with opening day scheduled for the 2011 season.

Update 2: The County wants to look into the fabric roof concept introduced by Tampa Bay’s proposed pirate ship of a stadium. They believe it saves both construction and air conditioning cost. I say we we build a real roof — hybrid roofs don’t have a good track record (see Olympic Stadium in Montreal).

Update 3: Forgot to mention: total of 37,000 seats, 3,000 club seats, 60 private suites, 7,200 affordable seats, and parking. Total cost: $525,000,000 ($489,800,000 for construction and design + $4,200,000 for furniture fixtures and equipment + $9,000,000 for owner contingency + $12,000,000 for site work + $10,000,000 demolition of the Orange Bowl, infrastructure and site prep).

Update 4: If the Marlins are sold to a new owner in the first 10 years (except for the unfortunate death of the team’s principle owner), the team would have to pay the County a percentage of the sale price with the assumed price at signing being $250,000,000.

2 Replies to “The Official Florida Marlins Ballpark Project Report”

  1. Unfortunate death? Joe Robbie’s death was unfortunate in that it begat us Wayne Huizinga.

    Loria’s death would begat us somebody better than Loria, because ANYBODY could make a profit off the Luxury tax, but ANYBODY else would at least retain one or two players (Hanley for example) while Loria is on a quest to kill all fan loyalty for this team.

    I ain’t saying we collect some money and off him, but should Tony Sparano’s folks maybe give him a dirt nap, I would send roses to the funeral, anonymously of course. And, being Miami, he could sleep with the fishes real warmly, too!

    (All in jest, officer!)

  2. Not very nice things to say there Suffering Miami Fan. Lets try to keep this civil.

    Lets not forget that it is just a game and a business, not life. My suggestion to you is that you try to make $150MM and buy the team from Mr. Loria. Then you can decide what to do with your own money. As a fan, if you have a problem with the team, you can decide not to attend any Marlins games or not to support their advertisers.

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