Details on Former Marlins in the Mitchell Report

Since many of you are wondering how former Marlins appeared in the Mitchell Report, here are highlights for each player (source: ESPN).

As for specific players using substances while with the Marlins, from what we can tell, Paul Lo Duca was known to have purchased just days prior to joining the Marlins, Ricky Bones was caught with it in his Marlins locker, Matt Herges received his HGH in the off-season before joining the Marlins, while Chad Allen used it in the off-season after his only season with the Marlins. There is, of course, that devistating statement by Luis Perez, a former Marlins bullpen catcher saying “Virtually every player on the Marlins was ‘doing something’ ranging from steroids and greenies, to marijuana, etc.”

  • Kevin Brown

    In the notes of the October 2003 meetings among Dodgers officials, it was reportedly said of Brown: “Kevin Brown — getting to the age of nagging injuries … Question what kind of medication he takes … Effectiveness goes down covering 1st base or running bases. Common in soccer players and are more susceptible if you take meds to increase your muscles — doesn’t increase the attachments. Is he open to adjusting how he takes care of himself? He knows he now needs to do stuff before coming to spring training to be ready. Steroids speculated by GM.”

  • Paul Lo Duca

    Radomski produced copies of three checks from Lo Duca, each in the amount of $3,200. All are included in the Appendix. Radomski said that each check was in payment for two kits of human growth hormone. Lo Duca’s name, with an address and telephone number, is listed in the address book seized from Radomski’s residence by federal agents.

  • Josias Manzanillo

    Radomski said that he did not sell any steroids to Manzanillo and that his only substance-related involvement with Manzanillo was when he injected him with steroids in the clubhouse. Radomski stated that he remembered the event clearly because it was the only time he ever injected a player with steroids.

  • Gregg Zaun

    …in September 2002 Luis Perez, a bullpen catcher for the Montreal Expos, was arrested for possession of a pound of marijuana. In January 2003, he was interviewed by investigators from the Commissioner’s Office.400 Perez told those investigators that he had personally supplied anabolic steroids to Zaun and seven other major league ball players.

  • Ricky Bones

    In late June 2000, a clubhouse attendant with the Florida Marlins brought a paper bag to the club’s athletic trainers that had been found in the locker of Marlins pitcher Ricky Bones. The bag contained over two dozen syringes, six vials of injectable medications – stanozolol and nandrolone decanoate, two anabolic steroids that are sold under the names Winstrol and Deca-Durabolin, respectively – and a page of handwritten instructions on how to administer the drugs.

  • Ron Villone

    Villone first purchased human growth hormone from Radomski during the 2004 season. Radomski sent this order to Villone at the Seattle Mariners’ clubhouse. For the second transaction, Radomski met Villone during the 2004-05 off-season at a diner where Radomski personally delivered the human growth hormone to him. Villone’s third purchase from Radomski took place during the 2005 season. Radomski sent that package to Villone’s residence in Seattle.

  • Matt Herges

    Radomski produced one check from Herges dated November 1, 2005 in the amount of $3,240 … Radomski said that this check was in payment for two kits of human growth hormone, plus $40 for shipping. A piece of an undated shipping receipt to Herges and a copy of an Express Mail receipt dated November 2, 2005 sent to the same address were seized from Radomski’s residence by federal agents.

  • Chad Allen

    According to Allen, the 2003 off-season was the only occasion when he used steroids. Allen explained that he did not want his teammates to know that he used steroids, and he did not want to use anything during the season because he “did not want to be on a different playing field from his teammates.” He also was concerned about testing positive.

  • Ismael Valdez

    According to [the San Francisco Chronicle], on September 7, 2002, while he was playing with the Mariners, Valdez “used a credit to card to buy nearly $2,500 worth of human growth hormone,” which was shipped to him at the Texas Rangers ballpark in Arlington, Texas where Valdez had been playing until he was traded to the Mariners the prior month. Ten days later, Valdez reportedly purchased Novarel, clomiphene, and Arimidex from the center, all of which are used to counteract the effects of steroid abuse.502 The article reported that “Valdez’s prescriptions were written by the same dentist who prescribed drugs to [Paul] Byrd, [Jose] Guillen and [retired infielder Matt] Williams.”

  • Gary Sheffield

    In September 2003, when federal agents executed a search warrant on Greg Anderson’s condominium, they cited a February 2003 FedEx receipt from Gary Sheffield to BALCO as evidence of probable cause to conduct the search.354 In his 2007 book entitled Inside Power, Sheffield acknowledged he had received a bill from BALCO for what he called “vitamins” and claimed he did not know whether the “cream” he acknowledged using during his grand jury testimony had contained steroids.

  • Benito Santiago

    At the end of the 2003 season, Mike Murphy, a Giants clubhouse attendant, was cleaning out Santiago’s locker when he found a sealed package of syringes. Murphy brought the syringes to the training room, handed them to Conte, and told Conte that he had found them in Santiago’s locker. Conte responded that he “would take care of it.”

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