Hanley Lovin’ From Jason Stark

ESPN’s Jason Stark writes about which young shortstop he’d build his team around:

Ramirez is off to one of the great starts to a career by any shortstop who ever lived. How’s that for a pithy description of the case? He’s two seasons into his career, and he has topped 45 steals and 45 doubles in each of them. So how many players have ever done that? How about none? At any position. In any two seasons of their career. But that’s not all. Ramirez also is coming off a 200-hit, 20-homer, 50-steal, 100-run season, and only two other players in history have ever had a year like that: Lou Brock (1967) and Craig Biggio. Those 212 hits last year would be the most ever by a National League shortstop — if Jimmy Rollins hadn’t also gotten 212. And it’s that power-speed-high-average combo that really makes Ramirez unique. He was the only player in the league to finish in the top five in hits, runs, average, doubles and stolen bases. This guy is a special, special offensive talent. Too bad the only people who seem to have noticed are those 2,000 folks who stampede up (or down) the Florida Pike to see the Marlins every night.

Not bad.

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