The Fish Unveil the 2008 Marlins Mermaids

You’ve probably heard that the Marlins signed a few players, blah, blah, blah. But more importantly, the Florida Marlins have officially named the 2008 Marlins Mermaids. For those of you who don’t know, the Mermaids are the great Marlins cheerleading dance team.

Now, here they are:

Back Row: Tra-Keila, Adrianna, Chelsea, L’tesia, Otmara, Estefania, Jen, Natalie, Alexis, Jillian, Amanda, Stephanie, Glenda
Front Row: Megan, Shanelle, Gladys, Alessandra, Danielle, Veronica, Pascale, Melissa


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  1. in my opinion i think natalie is the best one in the team and always will be!! i love you natalie!!!!!!!!!!! love your #1 fan! ash. a.k.a. dora. 😀

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