It’s All About the Parking

Miami Today tells us that the snag in the ballpark negotiations is all about parking.

A preliminary agreement in December gave Miami the responsibility to build a 6,000-space garage near the stadium at the Orange Bowl site and find 6,000 more spaces nearby. But city officials, including Manager Pete Hernandez, have maintained since last month they plan to provide only the 6,000 garage spots.

There is no doubt that infrastructure was one of the biggest issues surrounding the Orange Bowl location. The same thing happened with the DC ballpark and they ended up tabling the issue to get it done. If this is really the final hurdle then maybe MLB drops the issue to make it happen.

The weirdest comment had to be this:

Miami commission Chairman Joe Sanchez, whose district includes the Orange Bowl, said last month area residents depend on income from selling game-day lawn parking.

“I am OK with 6,000 (spaces),” he said. “Twelve thousand I may not be OK with.”

Yes, I think he’s saying that he doesn’t want to deny his constituents a chance to sell their front lawns for stadium parking. Welcome to Miami in the 21st century.

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