Live Blogging Opening Day 2008

We’re going to try to live blog opening day. It’s our first real try at it so lets see what happens.

4:00 PM — We’ ready to go!

4:05 PM — FSN just showed some clips including Jeff Conine. Nice to have the team recognize him today.

4:15 PM — Player intro. Luis Gonzalez making his 18th straight opening day start.

4:19 PM — Quickly switched over to see that Miguel Cabrera hit a solo home run for the Tigers. He also just struck out with the chance to win the game. Anyway, back to the Fish.

4:27 PM — And the Marlins take the field on this windy day at Dolphin Stadium. Mark Hendrickson is a veteran but this is his first opening day day. I’m sure it feels a bit different from your average start. He still is a serviceable number 3 or 4 starter.

4:29 PM — First pitch strike down the middle… three pitches… three strikes… one out

4:30 PM — First walk of the year. Luis Castillo on first (it’s amazing to think that Luis was a member of the Marlins for 10 seasons)

4:33 PM — We said Gonzalez is making 18th straight opening day start. We didn’t know that he has never played in Right Field. Wow.

4:35 PM — Cody Ross made a great dive but then dropped the ball. Thankfully Castillo didn’t make it beyond third.

4:40 PM — Hanley Ramirez leading off with a huge swing off Johan Santana. Rich reminds us that Santana was a Marlins Rule 5 pick (then traded).

4:41 PM — Nasty stuff from Santana strikes out Hanley.

4:43 PM — Three up, three down. That’s the first inning.

4:45 PM — FSN just did us all a huge favor by showing some video from the 1993 opening day. I really miss the teal caps and pinstripes (not really, just nostalgic).

5:01 PM — Luis Castillo is a trouble maker, we know that well. He just dropped a perfect bunt single.

5:02 PM — … and he stole second…

5:03 PM — … but another pop fly to center ends the inning. Still scoreless.

5:10 PM — Santana just plowed through our entire lineup. Hopefully we’ll do better second time around.

5:17 PM — Runners on first and second with no outs and Hendrickson seems like he may be in trouble. He dropped a nice curveball that for some reason was called a ball.

5:18 PM — Crap, ball goes down the third base line and the Mets are up 1-0 and still have runners on second and third with no outs.

5:19 PM — Fredi just had some words for the home plate umpire. Maybe he’s asking about those curveballs that the ump keeps missing.

5:21 PM — Another run. Time to warm up the bullpen? Wiley out for a chat.

5:22 PM — Great diving stab by Jacobs. He was so close to tagging church for the DP.

5:29 PM — This inning will never end. Hendrickson seems to be hitting the Marlins 5-inning wall here in the 4th.

5:30 PM — First shot of the fat guys who dance. Like us, they’re waiting for this inning to end.

5:31 PM — Ricky Nolasco warming up… fast…

5:32 PM — Hendrickson has thrown 30 pitches this inning (total of 71) and he’s not hitting he plate right now. It’s disturbing to watch pitchers just fall apart like that. Bases load so he better get some strikes.

5:34 PM — you can hear all those Mets fans in the crowd root as 3 more runs come in. It’s 6-0 Mets.

5:35 PM — Top of the inning finally over. So painful.

5:40 PM — First base runner for the Fish as Hanley manages a walk. Still looking for a a hit.

5:45 PM — GONE!!! Willingham with a 2-run home run for the first hit, home-run, RBIs, and runs of the season. And this against a Cy Young award winning lefty!

5:46 PM — Now Cantu thinks he can swing for the fences. We’ll see.

5:53 PM — Hendrickson gets a much needed 1-2-3 top of the 5th. Marlins coming up and Jeff Conine will be in the broadcast booth.

5:57 PM — Niner says that Dave Samson suggested the sign and retire to him about a month ago. He said they’re also going to talk about a job (I assume after he completes his Ironman competition).

5:58 PM — Meanwhile, Luis Gonzalez gets a hit.

6:00 PM — Jason Wood on deck. Hendrickson is done after 5 innings and 6 runs allowed.

6:07 PM — Hanley looks lost out there facing Santana. Marlins strand 2 base runners.

6:10 PM — Ricky Nolasco is now pitching for the Marlins. It’s easy to forget that he was one of the five young starting pitchers who won more than 10 games for us in 2006 (along with Willis, Johnson, Olsen, and Sanchez).

6:16 PM — Treanor guns down Reyes trying to steal second. Nice way to end the top of the inning.

6:29 PM — Treanor guns down Wright trying to steal third. (Wright was safe, he just sneaked behind Cantu’s glove).

6:51 PM — At least Santana is out of the game. Alfredo leads off with a pinch hit.

6:54 PM — Not a fun day for Hanley (0-4). At least this time he managed to actually put the ball in play.

7:10 PM — Treanor throws one away and a run comes in. The Marlins are down 5 in the ninth. Doesn’t look promising.

7:16 PM — Nice place by Uggla. Showed both range and speed. We’re going to the bottom of the ninth.

7:22 PM — It’s over. The Marlins lose to the Mets 7-2. 1 down 161 to go.

Poetic On Opening Day

Today is the best day of they year. America’s pastime and our obsession begins. Today we’re all undefeated and in first place (except for the Red Sox and A’s, but we won’t get into that). Even though all the analysts have decided how we will do (hint: last in the NL East), today we look ahead and wonder. We’ve seen veteran teams achieve (1997) and underachieve (2005) and we’ve seen young teams fail (1998), struggle (2006), and win it all (2003). So today we celebrate the best day of the year Continue reading “Poetic On Opening Day”

The Marlins Can’t Win Even When They Do

The Sun-Sentinel had an interesting take on last night’s exhibition game against the Yankees:


I’m pretty sure the headline is wrong. Here is what the Miami Herald said:


I wonder who got it right?

We kid of course. Unlike the headline, Juan C. Rodriguez’s article accurately captured the result of the game. The rest of the article though, hmm… Check out this nugget:


Either A-Rod was born in 1985 (rather than 1975) or the Marlins played in the NLDS against the Giants in 1987, before they existed. Maybe they meant yesterday’s starting pitcher, Andrew Miller, who attended the 2003 World Series. I’m sure it’s a common mistake to confuse Alex Rodriguez with Andrew Miller. Happened to me on my Fantasy Team. Maybe A-Rod plays for the Marlins now. We seem to remember covering it this past fall.

I’m sure by the time you read this, they fixed it. Don’t worry, we all make mistakes (thankfully, I’m a hack not a journalist).

Marlins [Almost] Finalize Roster

The 2008 Florida Marlins roster is now set. Our starting rotation is Mark Hendrickson, Rick VandenHurk, Andrew Miller, and Scott Olsen with Ricky Nolasco likely taking in the fifth slot when it comes up.

Update: Sorry, it’s not completely final. We need confirmation that Jason Wood is also on the team.

Update 2: If Jeremy Hermida ends up on the DL, Alexis Gomez will take his spot on the roster.

Our full roster is as follows:

Pitchers B/T Height Weight Birth
48 Lee Gardner R/R 6-0 220 01/16/75
63 Kevin Gregg R/R 6-6 240 06/20/78
30 Mark Hendrickson L/L 6-9 240 06/23/74
19 Logan Kensing R/R 6-1 185 07/03/82
22 Matt Lindstrom R/R 6-4 210 02/11/80
23 Andrew Miller L/L 6-6 210 05/21/85
32 Justin Miller R/R 6-2 200 08/27/77
47 Ricky Nolasco R/R 6-2 220 12/13/82
34 Scott Olsen L/L 6-5 215 01/12/84
37 Renyel Pinto L/L 6-4 215 07/08/82
57 Taylor Tankersley L/L 6-1 220 03/07/83
56 Rick VandenHurk R/R 6-5 195 05/22/85
Catchers B/T Height Weight Birth
58 Mike Rabelo S/R 6-1 210 01/17/80
20 Matt Treanor R/R 6-0 210 03/03/76
Infielders B/T Height Weight Birth
3 Jorge Cantu R/R 6-3 200 01/30/82
17 Mike Jacobs L/R 6-3 215 10/30/80
2 Hanley Ramirez R/R 6-3 200 12/23/83
6 Dan Uggla R/R 5-11 200 03/11/80
Outfielders B/T Height Weight Birth
4 Alfredo Amezaga S/R 5-10 180 01/16/78
7 Alejandro De Aza L/L 6-0 175 04/11/84
26 Luis Gonzalez L/R 6-2 210 09/03/67
27 Jeremy Hermida L/R 6-3 210 01/30/84
12 Cody Ross R/L 5-9 205 12/23/80
14 Josh Willingham R/R 6-2 215 02/17/79

Dontrelle: “I Was a Throw-in on that Deal”

Funny quote from Dontrelle Willis in the above video from ESPN calling himself a throw-in in the trade. ESPN has finally decided to shower Miguel Cabrera with love now that he’s not with the Marlins. For all the accolades about him accomplishing new things in Detroit, I will remind them that in this team sport, he has already achieved the top goal — a championship — with the Fish.

NPR’s Coverage of the Florida Marlins

I hopped in my car last night just in time to catch the segment about the Florida Marlins marketing tactics on NPR’s All Things Considered.

They call the Marlins marketing team the best in the game and spend quite a bit of time with the Marlins Manatees (accurately described as “fat guys with no dance experience”). Marlins VP of Marketing Sean Flynn also makes an appearance, highlighting all the marketing initiatives the team undertakes including the player autographs, the Marlins Mermaids, Super Saturdays and more. Flynn describes it best by saying (and I paraphrase): We’re not selling baseball… We are an entertainment property with core property of baseball.

Listen to the segment and enjoy the brief attention. They seem to downplay the two world championships and describes our trades resulting in “lesser and cheaper players” making it sound like Hanley and Cameron are nothing more than scrubs. It concludes with the question of whether a dozen fat men can change the team’s fortunes. But, as Marlins fans know, 25 athletic and talented men haven’t been able to change it either.

Help Us Help You

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Now, we’re reaching out to you asking for any suggestions, comments, or advice to make this site better for you and others. We are looking to bring more Marlins fans to the site so we can start getting more comments, user submissions, and edits/additions to the Florida Marlins Wiki. We’ve been very honest in our writing style and would encourage Marlins fans to stop by and share their thoughts. Feel free to comment below or simply contact us

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Thanks and go Marlins!

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The Future is Later: Maybin to AA

Looks like we’ll have to wait to see Cameron Maybin. The Marlins just optioned him to AA meaning Alejandro De Aza is our starting CF. I hope this was a tough choice because Maybin looks like he’s almost ready for the bigs. Either the team feels he would be harmed by playing in the majors right now or they really have aggressive goals for the season and think that De Aza and Cody Ross will allow us to compete for this elusive goal. Don’t feel bad for Maybin, he doesn’t turn 21 until April 4th.

Update: Cody Ross will actually start on opening day because we will be facing a lefty (Johan Santana).

Hendrickson to Start on Opening Day

A few news and notes:

  • Mark Hendrickson is the lucky winner of our opening day starting pitcher lottery joining the ranks of Charlie Hough, Kevin Brown, and Dontrelle Willis in the Marlins record books.
  • With Jose Castillo gone, Jorge Cantu will start at third base.
  • ESPN is reporting that Miguel Cabrera just signed an 8-year $153MM extension with the Tigers. It’s, deservingly, the 4th largest deal in MLB history. No way we could (or should) have afforded that.
  • If you look closely, you’ll see that the Official Marlins website has been slightly redesigned.