What We Noticed in Recent Articles

We noticed a few interesting quotes in recent articles about the Marlins:

  • We are kindly reminded by The NY Daily News that Jeff Loria really really really hates Joe Girardi:

    Said Loria Saturday in Marlins camp: “With the exception of last year, when we had the chain of injuries primarily hung over from the year before when there were decisions made that were not great decisions, this team has always been formidable.”

    Translation: I put out a great product and Girardi broke it.

  • Staying with Loria, while others focused on his payroll comments we thought the interesting quote was this:

    “There will be a complete change [of uniforms],” Loria said. “Nothing has been designed yet. It will be different. It will be fun. It will be something we can all grab on to and call our own.”

    Are we the only ones worried about “fun” uniforms? This Fish already have traditional looking uniforms. Don’t want to end up looking like an expansion team… again.

  • Hanley tells us something we should all appreciate:

    “I think [the Marlins] treat me good from the bottom all the way to the top. I feel comfortable here.”

    Reminder to all those “fans” who criticize the ownership and management for the way they treat players: Hanley knows what he’s talking about; you don’t.

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