Braman Sues To Stop Ballpark

Former Philadelphia Eagles owner Norman Braman has filed suit to challenge the $3 billion public works project that includes the Marlins’ ballpark.

Braman is suing to stop Miami’s so-called ‘global agreement’ in its tracks, contending it was illegally hatched in secret and improperly uses money intended to cure urban blight and help poor people. Braman wants voters to decide projects of such magnitude, rather than politicians.

‘Taxpayers in this town have been ripped off constantly over the years,’ Braman said in a recent interview in his downtown Miami office.

‘It’s time that as citizens of this community that we say enough is enough — that we’re not going to put up with this any more,’ he added.

Braman has a history of fighting various tax-based initiatives including blocking the renovation of the Orange Bowl in the 1980s. He also has a history of running the Philadelphia Eagles into the ground and of course didn’t mind a public handout when he was looking to build a new stadium in Philly. And lets not forget that Braman owns car dealerships and any funds that go to support mass transit or development of urban areas may impact his ability to sell cars. Changing South Florida from a car-based sprawl to a more urban-centric layout (as you see in other major metropolitan areas) is not in his interest.

Anyway, Braman is rich and well connected (check out his bipartisan political giving history). Clearly he has influence, time, and money to try and ruin it for the rest of us.

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