Spring is Almost Over But Questions Remain

If you thought Spring Training would help answer many of the questions about the Marlins, think again. Here are some of what we believe are the lingering issues:

  • Will Cameron Maybin make the major league roster?
    Arguably, Maybin proved that he deserves a spot but Alejandro De Aza had a strong spring and Cody Ross seems to have been penciled in all along. One argument is that you bring him up and let the future prosper. The other is that he could use more seasoning and you want him playing every day.
    Our guess: Maybin ends up in the Minors with De Aza starting
  • Who starts opening day?
    The stars are aligning for Mark Hendrickson. He’s pitched well, he’s a veteran, and Scott Olsen isn’t ready.
    Our guess: Hendrickson — from NBA to opening day
  • Do we have a starting rotation yet?
    Yes and no. Hendrickson has done well, he’s in. Olsen looks like he’ll be healthy by the 4th game of the season, so he’s in. That leaves Andrew Miller, Rick VandenHurk, and Ricky Nolasco to fight it out. Miller doesn’t seem to be ready yet but I wonder if the team needs him there to feel better about the Detroit trade (especially if Maybin doesn’t make the team). Nolasco and VandenHurk are both ready.
    Our guess: Miller and VandenHurk with Nolasco returning to his previous role has a long reliever
  • Chris Volstad rocks but where will he pitch?
    Volstad has had a great spring but he probably won’t make the team. He’s 21 and the Marlins probably fear that he would be overwhelmed. Why risk it? Why allow his major league status clock to start ticking?
    Our guess: It’s AA for Volstad but look for him to come up later in the year, especially if our pitchers can’t stay healthy.
  • Who’s on Third?
    Jorge Cantu can hit but can’t play defense. Jose Castillo can also hit, but not as well as Cantu. Dallas McPherson is injured.
    Our guess: Cantu starts for now, Castillo makes the roster, Dallas goes on the DL or directly to AAA
  • Is anyone ready to be the day-to-day catcher?
    Nothing marvelous out of our catching core but it looks like Matt Treanor and Mike Rabelo will assume the role as expected. Both are banged up but expect them to be ready.
    Our guess: Treanor on opening day and then rotating until someone catches fire

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