The More the Ballpark Seems Certain, the Less it is

We’ve previously discussed the concern that the Ballpark may be facing obstacles at the County level. Now comes word from Bob DuPuy that this is potentially a real problem:

DuPuy said “the coalition at county commission level is tenuous” for the Florida Marlins’ proposed new ballpark.

The City and County did a great job trying to ram the ballpark through as quickly as possible but it’s clear that some politicians are ready to sink this ship. I don’t know if they are sincere in their concerns or merely grandstanding for cheap political tricks but it’s time to pick sides.

Consider me worried.

Marlins Pound Bucs 10-4

More home runs and good pitching. Anyway, here’s a great quote from the Sporting News:

If there’s one team I enjoy watching, it’s the Marlins. Hanley Ramirez is climbing to the top of the best-player-most-fans-don’t-know list. Josh Willingham tops the best-player-even-Hanley-Ramirez-does-not-know list. And Alfredo Amezaga is so versatile, you could put him at any position—center field, third base, catcher, point guard, punt returner, Secretary of State—and he’d figure it out.

South Florida Loves Losing

Greg Cote wrote a good commentary in Today’s Miami Herald asking why South Florida fans are not coming to ball games.

South Floridians were able to cheer a division-leading, first-place professional sports team at home Tuesday night. Ordinarily, this would not qualify as news, let alone a revelation, but the recent rarity makes it so.

Considering how bad South Florida teams were this year (except for the Panthers but they still didn’t make the playoffs) it’s legitimate to ask why people aren’t showing up to watch a first place team with an 8-5 record who is playing entertaining baseball. You can make excuses about the payroll but it’s on the field performance that matters and unlike the Dolphins, who won 1 game all year long, and the Heat, who will likely end up with 15 wins, the Marlins are winning more than they are losing. Continue reading South Florida Loves Losing

Marlins Set Club Record with 6 HR in Win

The Fish set a new club record hitting 6 home runs in a 10-6 win over the Houston Astros. Red-hot Jeremy Hermida hit two while the other home runs were hit by league leader Mike Jacobs, Mike Rabelo in his Marlins debut, Jorge Cantu who literally hit it out of the park and Hanley Ramirez. Ricky Nolasco looked shaky but managed to complete 5 innings and earn the win.

Talented Mudcats Start Season with Win

Nice article in the Rock Mount Telegram about the Carolina Mudcats and the impressive line up we have in AA. They played their opener against the Montgomery Biscuits (I kid you not).

Eight of the top 11 prospects in the Florida Marlins organization are with the Double-A team, and it was easy to see why this group is thought of so highly.

Starting pitcher Chris Volstad was efficient, giving up one run in six innings.

Cameron Maybin, the crown jewel of the system, might have struck out twice, but he had a pair of singles and a stolen base.

Shortstop Manuel Mayorson hit a double and scored, stole a base and took several hits away from the Biscuits.

Chris Coghlan, the best hitter for average the Marlins have in the minor leagues, was 3-for-4 and as impressive at second base as Mayorson was at short.

The Mudcats won 7-1.

City and County Resolve Ballpark First Responder Issue

Officials from the City and Miami and Miami-Dade County have finally agreed on how and who will police and protect the new ballpark. In what was reminiscent of an old-school Chicago-style labor dispute,the city and county negotiated this issue under pressure and threats from the police and fire unions who were trying to maximize over-time and other benefits (um… that sounds more like the Sopranos, but anyway).

The agreement states that:

– County police are to provide off-duty staffing within the stadium and within about 100 feet of the park for baseball events, and the city is to staff other areas, including the garage, retail and commercial development and a planned soccer stadium.

– City police are to staff the surrounding neighborhood and streets during ballgames.

– The city and county are each to provide one fire-rescue unit for ballgames.

There are mixed responses coming from the unions:

Members of the county’s police and fire-rescue union told commissioners the agreement was equitable, but not Armando Aguilar, president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police.

“We have not agreed to this,” he told the commission.

Despite that, the pact was approved and this issue is resolved.

Not Really: David Samson Now a US Senator

In today’s haystack of weird stories comes this needle from the AP via The Dickinson Press.

Apparently, David Samson is an old friend of North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad so he used the opportunity of a day off in DC to visit his pal. Surprisingly, despite this “friendship”, Samson has yet to contribute a dime to Conrad’s campaign. Continue reading Not Really: David Samson Now a US Senator