The Marlins are the Legitimate 2003 NL Champs

Nearly 5 years too late, the main stream media has finally decided to recognize that the Marlins beat the Cubs in 2003:

Alou, now with the Mets, said he wouldn’t have caught the now-infamous pop fly in the 2003 National League Championship Series that hit the heel of Bartman’s hand in the eighth inning of Game 6, prolonging an inning in which the Marlins later rallied for the lead. Florida then went on to win the series.

This Bartman thing has always distracted from the truth (although we’ve said it before):

In the Marlins dugout, Game 7 pitcher Mark Redman turned to a teammate and said, “Let’s make this kid famous.”

They did, but only because a few pitches later, Cubs shortstop Alex Gonzalez made an equally ham-handed attempt on a grounder that should have been an inning-ending double play. Florida erupted for eight runs to win Game 6 and the only real suspense left was whether the kid would get out of Wrigley Field alive that night. The Marlins clinched the NLCS the night after.

We know that Cubs fans will never put this to rest, but at least the rest of the world can finally accept the facts.

Photo courtesy of Flickr user TouchMyTune

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