Not Really: David Samson Now a US Senator

In today’s haystack of weird stories comes this needle from the AP via The Dickinson Press.

Apparently, David Samson is an old friend of North Dakota Senator Kent Conrad so he used the opportunity of a day off in DC to visit his pal. Surprisingly, despite this “friendship”, Samson has yet to contribute a dime to Conrad’s campaign.

Anyway, Samson successfully increased attendance at a future Marlins’ game by 1:

Conrad, in turn, will travel to Florida to spend a day with David Samson, an old friend of his.

Samson said they had talked about shadowing each other while watching a baseball game together one day.

Then came the fun swap:

Each man told the other he admired his job.

“So I said, ‘Let’s switch jobs,'” Samson recalled.

They agreed on one caveat: Samson would not be able to cast a Senate vote and Conrad could not sign any players

How fun! (seriously, this day off thing is getting to me)

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