City and County Resolve Ballpark First Responder Issue

Officials from the City and Miami and Miami-Dade County have finally agreed on how and who will police and protect the new ballpark. In what was reminiscent of an old-school Chicago-style labor dispute,the city and county negotiated this issue under pressure and threats from the police and fire unions who were trying to maximize over-time and other benefits (um… that sounds more like the Sopranos, but anyway).

The agreement states that:

– County police are to provide off-duty staffing within the stadium and within about 100 feet of the park for baseball events, and the city is to staff other areas, including the garage, retail and commercial development and a planned soccer stadium.

– City police are to staff the surrounding neighborhood and streets during ballgames.

– The city and county are each to provide one fire-rescue unit for ballgames.

There are mixed responses coming from the unions:

Members of the county’s police and fire-rescue union told commissioners the agreement was equitable, but not Armando Aguilar, president of Miami’s Fraternal Order of Police.

“We have not agreed to this,” he told the commission.

Despite that, the pact was approved and this issue is resolved.

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