One day, Miami-Dade will stop voting on the ballpark and just move forward. Apparently, the County has two more votes to go (ugh!) by July first and Commissioner Joe Martinez says there is not enough support.

“You need nine votes” to pass the ballpark management and construction agreements “and you don’t have nine votes,” Commissioner Joe A. Martinez warned commissioners Tuesday during a discussion of how stadium police and fire protection would be divided among the City of Miami and the county.

He sites his vote along with that of Javier Souto, Carlos Gimenez, and Katy Sorenson and that a two-thirds vote is need to pass the deal.

Martinez then continued to tell us how much money is being wasted already

“It’s going to come back and bite us,” Mr. Martinez said about the money the city and team are spending, because if no stadium deal is completed by Aug. 31, the city, the county and the Marlins are to share those out-of-pocket costs equally.

Let’s just hope that this rhetoric is nothing more than alot of noise from one guy.