Samson Talks Ballpark

Quick disclaimer: As we’ve heard now, the ballpark is not finalized so read this post as if the future has already happened. I’m wondering if the Marlins’ strategy is to just act like it’s a done deal so when someone in Miami tries to block it they will look bad.

OK, back to the future:

The official Marlins website is starting a twice monthly series where Dave Samson will talk about our beautiful new ballpark. The first such report discusses the detail in which HOK and a design committee made of of people from the city, county and the Marlins are reviewing the plans:

“We’ve spent many hours going from room-to-room with HOK, and figuring out exactly what is happening with the stadium,” Samson said. “We’re looking at different seating areas. How the offices are going to look. How the suites are going to look. How the clubhouses are going to look. How the press boxes are going to look. Literally, we’re going room-by-room from the top level of the stadium, all the way to the bottom. That’s taking up a lot of our time right now.”

The ballpark will likely include a downtown view (which, BTW, will ensure the sun is not in the hitters’ eyes) and will attempt to integrate Little Havana with the downtown. We’ve all heard the design will be ultra-modern/artistic, but looks like the environment inside will try to capture old-school Cuba:

“We want to have the culture of Miami. For example, we can picture having a place to drink coffee, a place to smoke cigars, a place to have Cuban food. It’s really to capture the diversity of our population. We want something for everyone.”

We’ll see. Anyway, feel free to spam Dave with your ballpark ideas at DS — when are you going to write us back??

Now back to reality.

Photo by Flickr user Waltz for ahlbrandt

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