Marlins Lock Up Hanley Ramirez for 6 Years

We had read some rumors that the Marlins were looking to lock up key players (namely Hanley Ramirez) but we didn’t expect it to happen so soon.

So on to the big news:

According to a high-ranking Major League Baseball source, the Marlins have reached a tentative agreement on a six-year, $70 million contract with their star shortstop. The deal is not expected to be formally announced for at least a few days.

At an average of a little over $11 million, the current Marlins ownership did something they haven’t really done before:

They normally don’t lock up players through their arbitration years, along with buying out a few years of free agency. But they did so with Ramirez, who has accepted the leadership role on a young franchise.

The Marlins renewed Ramirez’s 2008 contract for $439,000.

As early as Spring Training, the Marlins began internal discussions on how to retain Ramirez for the long haul. There was a thought to wait until after the season, but with each passing day, the Dominican Republic native’s market value kept rising.

This should be great news for Fish fans as we not only get to cheer for Hanley in the future but it also shows that ownership is committed to winning with our talented lineup. Maybe all the naysayers in South Florida and throughout baseball will finally give us a break. This also demonstrates that the team is certain the ballpark is a done deal. Despite some of the facts, we hope they’re right.

Photo by Flickr user Tracy O

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