Some Marlins Make Fun of Dontrelle’s Pain

The Mike Berardino is reporting that some Marlins players were making jokes about Dontrelle Willis’s demotion to A-ball:

“Got to be the highest-paid pitcher in the history of A-ball,” one Marlin quipped.

“Highest-paid Lakeland Flying Tiger ever, that’s for sure,” one of the younger Marlins chimed in a little too excitedly.

These, it should be pointed out, were the words of players who never called Willis a teammate before.

The article mentions that Andrew Miller did not have anything to say. I don’t know who thought it was funny, but as a Marlins fan, you have to feel for Dontrelle who is not only a great guy but such a meaningful part of Marlins history.

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  1. I don’t feel any sort of satisfaction at watching Dontrelle’s tailspin; I still look at him as a member of the Marlins fraternity that exists only in my mind.

    However, I have to say I do feel a sense of relief, knowing we unloaded someone who could have eaten up a large portion of our non-existent salary pool. Although he was the face of the Marlins for years, he was in a steady decline since 2003, and would not have been worth what it would have took to keep him around.

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