Have The Marlins Called Up Volstad?

MVN is reporting that the Marlins called up Chris Volstad to make his major league debut on Sunday against he Rockies. Scheduled started Mark Hendrickson is allegedly being demote to the bullpen. While Albuquerque is not terribly far from Denver, it’s a bit surprising, if true, to have Volstad start on 3-days rest. Plus, the Marlins would have to add him to the 40-man roster. If true, it shows the Fish are serious about the season and willing to risk bringing up a top prospect to turn the ship around.

We’ll see.

Update: He’s up but not starting today.

2 Replies to “Have The Marlins Called Up Volstad?”

  1. I hope this is true. It would show that this team is serious. Just as importantly, it would show that the players (especially the pitchers) that there are consequences for bad play. Hendrickson should be sent to the bullpen and Gregg should be sent to the minors. We must reverse this downward spiral. We need to get back on track starting today!!

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