The New Look 2008 Florida Marlins

Despite being 45-43 and only 2.5 games out of first in early July, the Marlins are about to undergo major changes. The pitching staff, most desperately needing help right now, is changing radically as both Josh Johnson and Chris Volstad are moving into the starting rotation this week. With Anibal Sanchez beginning his rehab starts, the Fish suddenly have 5 really good pitchers (assuming the newly healthy can remain that way). Mark Hendrickson and Ryan Tucker will move to the bullpen where they can help eat innings from an injured and overworked pen.

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  1. Good to hear. I believe the mark of a truly good team is the ability to adapt to difficulties and situations throughout the season, like we have had with the bullpen tanking.

    We are so close to being a legitimate contender this year, if we can just maintain focus and not let the small, inevitable speed bumps weaken our spirits, we have the ability to shock the baseball world again.

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