Breaking: Judge Orders Settlement Talks in Braman Suit

At the opening of today’s trial involving Norman Braman’s attempt to stop the Miami Megaplan (which includes the Marlin’s Ballpark), the following happened:

”At this time I am ordering all the parties back in mediation,” Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jeri Beth Cohen told a packed courtroom just before 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Her order may indicate that the parties — which had scrambled Tuesday and Wednesday to broker an agreement — may in reality be close to reaching such an accord.

This move apparently surprised the parties but is actually common in today’s busy court systems where busy Judges prefer to force sides into a settlement, especially if one is possible as is suggested above.

The proposed compromise seems to conflict with Norman Braman’s holier-than-thou arguments:

Those familiar with the proceedings said the last minute negotiations centered around an offer to build a community center next to the stadium and more public use of what will be a county-owned ballpark. But no closure was reached — at least not yet.

I think Greg Cote captured the double-standard/hypocrisy in his editorial today.

Assuming nothing changes in the next few days, the parties will meet again with the Judge on Monday.

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