Our Long National Nightmare is Over

Most of you on the East Coast (we’re out west) were probably sleeping and had a nightmare involving Dan Uggla make three errors and striking out three times (including twice with runners in scoring position). I can tell you that it never happened, the game never happened, this one did not count.

Dan, if you’re reading this, and I’m sure you’re not — stop worrying about it and move on. Thanks to the magic of HDTV it was clear from 3,000 miles away that you were freaking out in your own calm way. Real baseball returns on Friday and you can continue your great season in a critical battle against the first-place Phillies.

Update: To all the non-Marlins fans who are hitting our site today looking for everything and anything about Dan Uggla: He’s ours, he’s great, get over it!

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  1. Great……Now I’m REALLY looking forward to going into work and talking about the game last night.

    I’m just gonna tell people that wasn’t Dan Uggla, but a fan who won a contest and got to play in the game. They only THOUGHT it was Uggla because they were tired and weren’t seeing very well……

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