Live Blogging: Marlins vs. Giants

We are going to be live-blogging from the “House That Steroids Built” as the Florida Marlins face the San Francisco Giants. The fun starts at 7:15 Pacific. Stay tuned.

7:15 — We are here. Here comes Hanley.

– Cantu’s double in the first just missed going out. It hit tho top of the Chevron ad.

– Baker’s double was cheered by a group. He’s from the East Bay.

– Top of 2nd — Bad idea by Giants to throw to third on Nolasco’s bunt.

– Baker scores and Fish are up 2-0.

– Rudy Giuliani is at the game. Obviously he was booed.

– This time, Cantu cleared the car ad. 6-0 Fish.

– We’ve had several close plays and errors at first. The crowd has been riding the first base ump.

– Bottom of the 8th – How bad is it for the Giants? That fans erupted when the finally got a walk.

– There is some movement in the bullpen. Will Fredi let Ricky finish the game?

– Bottom of the 9th — Here we go. Ricky is going to try and end “it” (you know what I am talking about).

– The streak is over! Complete game 2-hitter for Ricky Nolasco and the Marlins win 6-0. Plenty of good photos to come tomorrow.

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