Marlins Wrap Up 3rd Best Season in Franchise History

For all the ups and downs of the 2008 season, the Florida Marlins posted a record of 84-77, the third best record in franchise history. The team posted incredible offensive numbers lead by the historic home run power from all four of the starting infielders. As we start looking forward to a busy off-season and hopefully a successful 2009, here are some thoughts, observations, and links: Continue reading “Marlins Wrap Up 3rd Best Season in Franchise History”

Looking Back: Predictions from the Geniuses at ESPN

I’ve always thought ESPN was full of itself and overly obsessed with their own importance and insight, so I was very excited to look back at their predictions for the 2008 Florida Marlins. Now, I know that the Marlins performed better than we expected (81 wins with 6 games to go) but ESPN’s predictions were so dire that I want us all to read and laugh.

First, here is the view from Bob Klapisch:

The bigger problem is the bottom half of the batting order, which is filled with question marks and experiments. It’s no stretch projecting the Marlins in the last third of the NL in runs scored. (Bob Klapisch)

Next, let’s see the actual win/loss projections:

  • Jayson Stark: 70-92, 5th in NL East
  • Tim Kurkjian: 64-98, 5th in NL East
  • Buster Olney: 68-94, 5th in NL East
  • Keith Law: 68-94, 5th in NL East
  • Steve Phillips: 66-96, 5th in NL East

You have to give Jayson Stark some credit. He’s only off by 11+ wins.

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From Topes to Zephyrs

It’s official: The New Orleans Zephyrs and the Marlins have agreed to a 2-year relationship. Personally, having lived in that area and having attended Zephyr games before, I couldn’t be happier.

The Zephyr’s mascot is a Boudreaux D. Nutria (kind of like Billy The Marlins), who is very popular in the greater New Orleans area. Nutria are orange-teeth rodent who, for better and for worse, are common in the swamps of southeast Louisiana.

BREAKING: Supreme Court Ruling Likely to Favor Marlins

Great news form the Florida Supreme Court:

In a ruling issued on Thursday, high court members announced that they were reversing a ruling they made last year which required voter approval of redevelopment bond sales backed by property taxes.

This decision is a huge victory for the Fish because the last issue in the Braman lawsuit focused on the need for voter approval and Judge Jeri Beth Cohen was awaiting this decision before ruling on the final count. Despite her wishes, the Judge will be forced to reject Braman’s last claim and allow the Marlins to proceed with building the ballpark. Braman is likely to appeal, but he’s already lost all 7 counts of thi baseless case even though he had a Judge who was favorable to his cause.

If all goes well, the Marlins can break ground in the next 60 days and there is a good chance the ballpark will open by 2011.

Update: I forgot to mention that, of course, there are still some votes that need to happen so it’s not a done deal, but bottom line is that the big legal hurdle should be behind us for now.

BREAKING: Judge Sides With Marlins on Ballpark Purpose

An encouraging development:

Miami-Dade Circuit Court Judge Jeri Beth Cohen ruled Tuesday that building a ballpark for the Florida Marlins serves a public purpose — a significant victory for the team and local government in their quest to bring a new stadium to South Florida.

This was one of two issues left in this wasteful lawsuit. Now, the Judge is withholding ruling on the final issue until the Florida Supreme Court reviews the issue of diverting funds from their original purpose.

Update: Greg Cote gets it right.