Great news form the Florida Supreme Court:

In a ruling issued on Thursday, high court members announced that they were reversing a ruling they made last year which required voter approval of redevelopment bond sales backed by property taxes.

This decision is a huge victory for the Fish because the last issue in the Braman lawsuit focused on the need for voter approval and Judge Jeri Beth Cohen was awaiting this decision before ruling on the final count. Despite her wishes, the Judge will be forced to reject Braman’s last claim and allow the Marlins to proceed with building the ballpark. Braman is likely to appeal, but he’s already lost all 7 counts of thi baseless case even though he had a Judge who was favorable to his cause.

If all goes well, the Marlins can break ground in the next 60 days and there is a good chance the ballpark will open by 2011.

Update: I forgot to mention that, of course, there are still some votes that need to happen so it’s not a done deal, but bottom line is that the big legal hurdle should be behind us for now.