Jacobs Almost Traded, Olsen and Gregg On The Market

It’s now clear that the Marlins will focus on trading Mike Jacobs, Scott Olsen and Kevin Gregg. In fact, one trade almost happened:

The Marlins, who had a $22 million payroll in 2008, wanted to deal Jacobs to Kansas City, but the deal died last week because of a medical issue involving the minor-league pitcher that Florida would have received. The Marlins also spoke to Toronto and San Francisco about Jacobs.

As for Dan Uggla, it looks like the Fish will keep him:

”They haven’t put Uggla out there” — though several teams inquired. The Marlins have decided they value Uggla’s power and run production and it ”will take an insanely high offer” to move him, one official said.

Gaby Sanchez will probably get a chance to win the first base job in the spring but if he falters, expect Jorge Cantu at first and Dallas McPherson at third.

Also, on other front:

One official said the Marlins are still mulling whether to trade or keep Jeremy Hermida and/or Josh Willingham (both arbitration-eligible), but Beinfest wouldn’t discuss that. ”There is still a lot of upside to Hermida,” Beinfest said. ”Willingham, hopefully his back will be healthy.” Several teams inquired about Hermida. Beinfest — speaking in general — said there has been “a lot of interest in our players.”

With Hermida’s underwhelming performance and Willingham’s back, you have to wonder if anyone will offer anything meaningful for either one.

Photo by Flickr user Literal Salmon

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