Insight Into the Olsen/Hammer Deal

Mike Berardino of the Sun-Sentinel provides some thoughts and insights on the Olsen/Hammer deal:

About that payroll dump so far:

the Fish have removed roughly $7 million from their books for 2009.

On what we got in return:

In return, they have brought in a cheap young setup man (Leo Nunez), a light-hitting second baseman with Gold Glove potential (Emilio Bonifacio) and a couple of decent low-level prospects who just finished their first full pro seasons (RHP P.J. Dean and IF Jake Smolinski).

What happens to Dan Uggla?

What about Dan Uggla and his $5 million projection? Juan Rodriguez was assured again Monday night — as I have been recently — that the Marlins have made it clear Uggla stays into next season.

What will happen to Bonifacio?

For now, look for Bonifacio to be sent down to Triple-A for a little more seasoning as the speedy switch-hitter in the Luis Castillo mode tries to get his bat going.

And on what to expect:

Something tells me, though, the Marlins aren’t quite done, that there will be an interesting addition or two at the end of this salary-shedding process.

Maybe a veteran catcher to handle all that fine young pitching? (Alas, it WON’T be Pudge Rodriguez, I’ve been told.) Maybe a proven corner outfielder with some sock? Maybe even a one-year closer to take the burden off Matt Lindstrom.

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