Stadium Vote Postponed Until March

Well all expected today to be a good day for Miami and the Marlins but all hell broke loose and now the City of Miami has postponed the vote until March.

It all began when Commissioner Marc Sarnoff decided to renegotiate the entire deal during the hearing. He primarily focused on cost overruns for building a garage, the City getting a bigger share of the naming rights and penalties related to future sale of the team or death of the owner. An upset David Samson offered to cap the garage at the City’s contribution (meaning no overruns) and then said that reopening the other issues would require reopening the entire package. I guess Commissioner Sarnoff didn’t think that impacting the team’s estimated costs would upset the entire financial equation.

Commission Chair Sanchez said it best:

”What’s alarming is that I am appalled at how we have handled this,” Sanchez said, criticizing Sarnoff for attempting to re-write the deal on the day of the vote.

You can share your thoughts with Commissioner Sarnoff here

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