County Approves Ballpark

Barring any more legal challenges, the Marlins are now on their way to breaking ground on the new ballpark after Miami-Dade County approved the ballpark agreements.

Miami-Dade County commissioners on Monday put to rest more than a decade quest by voting in favor of a roofed ballpark for the Marlins on the Orange Bowl grounds. Commissioners cast two separate votes; the first came back 9-4, and the second was 10-3.

The first three hours of the meeting were set aside for a public hearing, where more than 90 people made their voices heard — pro and con. For several hours, the commissioners debated the facts of the project.

To pass, the Marlins needed nine of 13 commissioners to vote in favor. The commissioners addressed five separate agreements — non-relocation, assurance, parking, operating and construction.

Update: I’ve been asked why I’m not showing more enthusiasm in this post. Honestly, until they break ground and heavy equipment shows up, I can’t celebrate. We’ve seen far too many curveballs the last couple of years that I’m wait and see until it happens.

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