Opening Day 2009: Marlins vs. Nats

It’s the best day of the year and we’re going to cover the Marlins first game of the season versus the Washington Nationals.

Pitchers: Ricky Nolasco starts for the Fish against John Lannan for the Nats.

Marlins Lineup: 1. Emilio Bonifacio (3B) , 2. John Baker (C), 3. Hanley Ramirez (SS), 4. J. Cantu (1B), 5. D. Uggla (2B), 6. J. Hermida (LF), 7. C. Ross (RF), 8. C. Maybin (CF), 9. Ricky Nolasco (P)

4:11 PM: Chicago is singing the national anthem.

4:18 PM: Here we go! First pitch is an out. Ground ball to Uggla.

4:25 PM: Bonifacio gets the first hit of the season.

4:26 PM: Bonifacio steels second. Exactly what the Marlins wanted from him.

4:27 PM: Baker drives in Bonifacio. 1-0 Marlins.

4:28 PM: Hanley bunts. That’s not something you would expect from a number 3 hitter.

4:30 PM: Cantu drives in Baker. 2-0 Marlins.

5:02 PM: Hanley doubles in Bonifacio. Emilio is really giving the Fish the kind of speed they needed so badly. Two hits, two steals, two runs.

5:05 PM: Cantu hits a 2-run home run. 5-0 Fish!

5:08 PM: Hermida adds a solo shot. It’s now 6-0 Marlins.

5:16 PM: Dunn doubles in Guzman so the Nats are on the board.

5:21 PM: Nats score again. Ricky was on a roll until this inning. Wiley out to the mound. Bonifacio makes a nice catch to end the inning. 6-2 Fish.

5:30 PM: Inside the park home run for Bonifacio! Speed kills. Wow! Nice curtain call from the crows. Emilio is 3-3 with his first career HR. 8-2 Marlins.

6:00 PM: Adam Dunn’s 3-run shot has made it an 8-5 lead. Bonifacio’s bad stab at a ball put the Fish in a bad situation. Nolasco is out of the game.

6:16 PM: Hanley Ramirez grand slam! First of his career. 12-5 Fish. Another curtain call from the crowd.

6:26 PM: Kiko is in.

7:05 PM: So we’ve reached the top of the ninth and Logan Kensing is in to close this one out.

7:13 PM: Ballgame! The Marlins win on opening day, beating the Nats 12-6 in front of over 34,000 fans. The fish used some small ball and some big bats. Big debut for Emilio Bonifacio who went 4-5 with 4 runs, 2 RBIs
and 3 stolen bases.

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