Shakeup: Nolasco Sent to AAA

The Marlins made their loudest move of the year by shipping the struggling Ricky Nolasco to AAA to get his act together. Nolasco was the top of the rotation, pitching on opening day after a stellar 15-win season. At 2-5 with an ERA over 9.00, Nolasco desperately needs to figure out his fastball and confidence. Sean West was called up from AA and will start on Saturday night. Dave Davidson, who struggled in one terrible inning tonight was DFA-ed and AA righty Chris Leroux was called up to provide a fresh arm in the bullpen.

Marlins Trade Pools

Marlins Die-Hards is running a Marlins trade pool. Our suggestions for players to be traded prior to deadline are:

1. Dan Uggla
2. Jeremy Hermida
3. Dan Meyer
4. Wes Helms
5. Ross Gload

Why? I think Uggla and Hermida are no-brainers. In fact, the Fish should trade them regardless of whether they’re in contention. The rest are veterans who can fit nicely on a bench/bullpen of contending team. I would also throw in Kiko Calero into the mix.

You can share your thoughts of our list here or go to Marlins Die-Hards to submit your own.

SI Hacks Continue to Push Loria Urban Legend

I’ve always thought that Jeffrey Loria‘s bad reputation in the media was highlight exaggerated. Therefore, I’m not surprised to read that Sports Illustrated just named him as one of the 5 worst owners in MLB. Here is what they had to say:

Despite the best efforts of another crop of youngsters, Loria may be running a second franchise into the ground. The art dealer turned a nation of fans against him with his first team, the Expos, before forcing their move from Montreal and selling them back to Major League Baseball. He then took control of the Marlins and watched his exciting team shock the Yankees in the 2003 World Series and then became Miami fans’ worst nightmare: the second coming of Wayne Huizenga. The Marlins slowly have been rebuilding themselves with more young talent, despite the lowest cash outlay provided by any owner, and could be turning a corner soon. That is, until Hanley Ramírez and Dan Uggla are shown the door like Josh Beckett, Derrek Lee and Miguel Cabrera.

=It is clear that the SI team just phoned this one in. After all why do any research and thinking when you have this urban legend about Mr. Loria. While he didn’t make the best moves in Montreal, he was, in the end, nothing more than a caretaker for a dying franchise. His time with the Marlins has been a mix — a couple of fire sales on one hand, but a championship and a new ballpark on the other. We can debate his decision to keep a low payroll for most of his tenure but it is the results on the field and talent today that matter. Despite not being a serious contender since winning it all in 2003, the team still outperforms many MLB teams over this period.

Today, the Fish are looking at a new ballpark which secures their existence in South Florida for the long run. Hanley Ramirez is locked up for the next 6-years of his potential Hall of Fame career. Larry Beinfest and Mike Hill continue to run and excellent front office which has built a nice core of young players that allows the Fish to compete. Yes, we will miss Josh Beckett, Derrek Lee and Miguel Cabrera but no team (other than the Yankees, perhaps) could have kept all these guys. In fact, in baseball, you can be good one day and terrible the other. See Dontrelle Willis. And SI, since you liked ripping Dan Uggla for his All-Star errors, but now elevate him to a star, I will point out his sub .200 average today.

I’m not elevating Mr. Loria on a pedestal. He, like every MLB owner, has made mistakes and clearly he hasn’t spent as much money as everyone would like him to spend. But his performance as the owner of the Marlins has been a successful one. He has a championship, a great front office, a new ballpark and talent for the future. It’s something very few teams have today.

Fish to Promote Chris Coghlan

Looks like Chris Coghlan is on his way to the Majors. Coghlan will take Anibal Sanchez’s spot on the roster and will likely play second, third and outfield. The Fish need to kick start their offense and some of the biggest gaps are at second (Uggla), third (Bonifacio) and the entire outfield.

Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Dolphin, now LandShark?

It’s only been one month since April Fools Day but Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is on the verge of making what would have been a bad joke into reality.

Sometime next week, it’s expected that Dolphin Stadium, home of our Florida Marlins, will be renamed LandShark Stadium after LandShark Lager. This one-year experiment will ensure that Joe Robbie Stadium will, once again, have no established name or identity. To make things worse, Ross’s motivation is that he wants to give the Stadium a Margaritaville feel, since, as we all know, South Floridians are all parrots, coconuts and Jimmy Buffet.

Is there any way we can accelerate the construction of the new ballpark? This is seriously embarrassing.