Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Dolphin, now LandShark?

It’s only been one month since April Fools Day but Dolphins owner Stephen Ross is on the verge of making what would have been a bad joke into reality.

Sometime next week, it’s expected that Dolphin Stadium, home of our Florida Marlins, will be renamed LandShark Stadium after LandShark Lager. This one-year experiment will ensure that Joe Robbie Stadium will, once again, have no established name or identity. To make things worse, Ross’s motivation is that he wants to give the Stadium a Margaritaville feel, since, as we all know, South Floridians are all parrots, coconuts and Jimmy Buffet.

Is there any way we can accelerate the construction of the new ballpark? This is seriously embarrassing.

One Reply to “Joe Robbie, Pro Player, Dolphin, now LandShark?”

  1. steve ross can stick the new name up where the sun don’t shine. it will allways be joe robbie stadium

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